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Do Digital Devices Damage Children's Eyes?

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Does It Only Affect Children?

No, it affects everybody.
But, children's eyes absorb more blue light from digital device screens than adults.

The eyes of children younger than 10 years are not fully developed.  Their crystalline lens and cornea are still largely transparent and overexposed to light.

Therefore, too much exposure to blue light can seriously damage their eyes.

How Can We Protect Our Children?

The easy answer would be to take away their devices, or limit their screeen time.  But, as you already know, this is easier said than done.

In a world dominated by techonolgy, your children will be exposed to a significant amount of digital screen time.

Apart from limiting their digital screen time, the best way to prevent blue light-induced retinal damage to your children's eyes is to provide them with high qualtiy spectacles which block harmful blue-light.

Why are PC|Specs a good option?

What Can I  Expect to Pay?

The retail price of most high-quality spectacles which block blue light ranges between R2,500 and R3,000.

But you don’t have to pay as much as that! PC SPECS only cost R1,569.


Should you order a pair of PC|Specs in November 2019, we will donate a R100 to your school's computer class.


Refer a friend and receive a R100 cashback after his/her successful purchase of PC|Specs.


Don't Allow Your Kids to Use a Digital Device Without It

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What Our Customers Say

"Very comfortable, it zooms in the screen, which makes viewing easier"

"My eyes feel less strained and I definitely sleep better"

"Since wearing PC/Specs, I don't have headaches after a day on the computer anymore.  Easy to wear, light weight"

Disclaimer: Purchasing a pair of PC SPECS does not replace the need for regular eye/vision examinations by a registered optometrist or ophthalmologist

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